Overshare or undershare: perfecting your online profile

Setting up your profile on www.cupid.com might seem easy, but perfecting it can be much harder. Anyone can make a basic profile, but making a profile that will actually attract messages and responses can be much harder. It is important to put a lot of work into your profile to ensure that it is interesting to people who read it.

One of the most important things to remember when perfecting your profile is the fine line between overshare and undershare. Sharing too much about yourself on your profile can come across as overbearing and might cause people to skip over your profile. You should not put anything too controversial on your online dating profile (nothing too in-depth about religion, politics, or other hot topics), nor should you share anything too personal (such as in-depth information about your sexual preferences or your medical history).

It is a good idea to have a friend or two read over your profile to assure you that it is not too much. However, you also want to make sure that your profile has enough information about you. When someone finishes reading your profile, they should feel like they have a good enough idea about who you are as a person to know whether they should message you or not. They should not read your profile and think, “Hm, I still don't really know anything about this person.” Make sure to share a little bit about your career and your hobbies, but be careful not to drag on for a long time.

With the right size profile, you should find that your dating service inbox will fill up much more quickly. If you still can't seem to get enough interest, try adding some questions to your profile. Adding questions can give a shy girl or guy a jumping off point to use when sending you a message.

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